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N2 Designs is a leading Consumer Home and Vehicle Automation company and service. We provide an unparalleled selection of quality products, consulting, installation services, support, and exceptional customer service. Most importantly, we are an AUTHORIZED DEALER for any brands we sell. Contact us today for all your automation needs!

Why buy from an Authorized Dealer?


Sometimes it's tempting to price shop something in hopes of getting a deal, we do to! It's how we can pass savings onto you. However, as a consumer, if the price is really low, you have to ask yourself why. In most cases, if it's too god to be true, it usually is! Our vendors set rules on online retail stores from price, to how low discounts can be, when discounts can be applied, how low and even which online retailers are authorized to sell to you! Sellers on market place platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart market place (non-authorized individuals/non-authorized retailers) for example are flooded with non-authorized sellers looking for a quick buck.

What does this mean to you?

This means that should you need to contact the factory for technical support, or even a warranty repair/exchange, you may be out of luck. These market place sellers (if non-authorized retail based) don't know how these products operate. They can only sell, exchange or refund products. Most serial numbers are tracked down the pipeline from the moment they leave the factory. And even more so, when it's time to get a request for warranty repair/exchange, your Amazon or eBay proof of purchase (required for ANY warranty repair/exchange) will result in denial of service from the manufacturer. So you must ask yourself, was it really worth losing the amount of "less money" I spent and still NOW have to spend more hard earned cash to purchase a the same product, new, to replace my defective "too good to be true priced one?" If you care about getting quality support and factory backed warranty, buying only from an authorized dealer is the way to go.


Protect yourself. Protect your product.

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