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  • Will this void my warranty?
    No, it will not. The "Magnuson-Moss Act" makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket part.” The alert outlines key provisions in the law that provides protections to car owners. As defined by the FTC, an “aftermarket' part is a part made by a company other than the vehicle manufacturer or the original equipment manufacturer.” This FTC (Federal Trade Commission) law that makes it illegal for a dealer to void a warranty on anything unless they (the dealer) can prove that the aftermarket device cause the problem. It is illegal to scape-goat an after market part to get out of a warranty repair owed to you. They can be sued. This is a FEDERAL CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT/LAW made to protect you from this scenario. This FTC alert notes that a consumer has the right to patronize independent retail stores and repair shops for parts and service without fear of voiding the new car warranty. With that said, we have many dealership accounts that purchase from us and install our kits on brand new vehicles for pre-sales delivery and post sales customer requests. Some dealerships are educated about this US Federal law, while other remain ignorant. Considering our kits are plug 'n' play, one can also spend 15-20 minutes removing the hardware in order to avoid the hassle of educating a dealership whom is not knowledgeable about consumer protection laws such as this one.
  • What is the range of N2 Designs' remote start kits?
    The same as it was before.The range of your 3X remote start kit will be the same as before you had a kit installed. Because our kits utilize your OEM fob to control the vehicle, we neither extend or decrease the range of your fobs reach. It remains the same. However, there are options to extend range via our half mile Long Range RF fob kits or worldwide range via our Smart Phone Add-On module.
  • How long can my battery be disconnected before needing to re-program the system?
    Your vehicle's battery can be disconnected indefinitely without a need to re-program your remote starter, and if applicable, smart module add-on option does not need to be re-programmed either. Once programmed, you'll never have to do it again. When the device(s) are sync'd and taught to a specific vehicle, the only time they need re-programming is when the hardware is either being placed in a different vehicle (which requires the module to be firmware "re-flashed" by us first) or a vehicle was completely re-keyed with different key/ignition set (very uncommon scenario).
  • I no longer have (or plan on not having) my vehicle, what are my options?"
    You can always sell your vehicle with the hardware included if it will increase appeal. You can also opt to remove the hardware and sell it on the basis that the buyer has a vehicle that will be compatible. You can also put the hardware into your next vehicle IF and only IF your next vehicle is compatible with the module. There are only TWO types of remote start modules that cover ALL the vehicles we sell kits for and are differentiated by an N2-EA or N2-EO at the start of the part number. So then what happens if you take this route? The next step is to obtain (provided one is available), a plug n play harness for the new vehicle and your remote start module will need to be re-flashed for the new vehicle. You can do this by checking with us on harness availability, EVEN if you don't see a kit offered on our website for it. If we do have it (or can get it in for you), then all you do is order the new harness, ship us back your module (customer covers insured shipping) and we'll re-flash it for FREE and send it back out together with your harness. You will have already covered shipping for the harness, so you will not be charged for shipping the setup (re-flashed module and new harness) back to you. If you own a smart module, it just needs to be re-sync'd. If you are selling or transferring a smart module, then you will need to go into your app settings and click "Transfer Vehicle" and will need the buyer's email they intend to use to setup the app.
  • Do you offer a military/law enforcement/first responder/educator discount?
    Yes! We do! Please send an email to with a photo of agency/gov/MIL ID and Driver's License, and we’ll email you a unique one-time use code good for 10% off your entire order. Current, Expired, Active Duty or Vet, we honor ALL past and present service. And a big THANK YOU to those who serve, have served, and educate our country!
  • What are the payment options?
    We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards, N2 Gift Cards purchased from our store, as well as debit gift cards as long as the value can cover the entire balance in one transaction. Our checkout process does not allow for split or multiple payments. If this is what you intend on doing, the order must be called in and placed over the phone. We do not accept Check, E-Checks, or cash payments for any and all online transactions.
  • What is your Warranty Policy?
    Please see our Warranty Policy
  • What is your Return Policy?
    Please see our Return Policy
  • What is your Shipping Policy?
    Please see our Shipping Policy
Decryptor Explanation Imagery


Connect the module to your Windows based PC and with the single click of a button in our software (OR send it back to us to do for you with included shipping label) –

Decryption Done! *

Program your remote start module to your vehicle using the included installation guide. Then remove the module from your vehicle.

Complete the installation by simply reconnecting the remote start module again to your vehicle’s harness (without programming again).
Ready to Go!

*Method of decryption (DIY or Send Back) is selected at the time of purchase if remote start kit is a 2-stage, Decryption required installation.

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