The Minimalist Key Fob colored button replacements are for those who desire customize ans standout by swapping out the black buttons that are included with the colored MESO Minimalist Key fob housings (sold seperately). Change the look of your minimalist fob with a red, grey or white button pack. Comes in a 3 pack; LOCK, UNLOCK, PANIC. Buy multiple packs and stand out even more by mixing and matching (i.e. Grey or White Lock/Unlock and Red Panic. Or keep your already included black buttons from your other Minimalist Key fob housing, and get a Red pack to swap out your Panic!




- Works with all 3rd Generation (2016+) Tacomas with MESO Minimalist Key fob Smart remotes housings ONLY (Sold Seperately). Not compatible with OEM Toyota factory fob housing.

- Buttons are not sold on an indvidual basis. If you desire to mix and match, each color set must be purchased regardless if you will omit the use of some buttons.

MESO Customs - Minimalist Fob Colored Button Replacements (Toyota Tacoma 2016+)